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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gaming Vs. Priority

One of my friends from our local game store here in Forest City usually posts up pretty cool things on her blog page. She uses a different lay out with Word Press, where as I am more prone to use Blogger as my main blogging source because I am more adapt to it. Sometimes, she will post some religious things and other times, she will post about her gaming days at the store. As it happens to be, I actually have a story to post today myself, after putting this nice little music maker on this post, courtesy of my friend Robin.

Well, let's see..My Birthday is this Sunday and I and my husband will be going to Marion to see my family, first to church and then, hopefully, we will get to go across the mountains ( Avery, Mitchell and Yancy Counties in Western NC and Tennessee). My husband Drew has never been across the mountains and I wanted to show him the places where I grew up. Mind, I've always lived in McDowell County, and before I met him, lived in the same house/ neighborhood until I was 26 years old. I would go across the mountains in almost every season to go visit relatives and go to little thrift stores along the way in Spruce Pine and near Banner Elk. My grandmother lived in a little community named North Cove until she couldn't take care of herself any longer. We didn't put her in a rest home mind you, but we did put her in a little apartment complex close to town where a lot of other elderly people lived, sort of a retirement community. This weekend, I am hoping to be able to share these sites with my husband in hopes that he can get a feel of how important these hillsides are to me in the sense of a home away from home. 
   The gaming aspect of this story is that he would rather stay home playing his video games that out on the road having to travel at all. You may begin to ask "Why are you making him go with you?" or the latter "He really should pay more attention to being with you than in his video games." and this is the reasoning...This Sunday is my 30th birthday. I want to be able to share this milestone with my husband. Before we even started discussing what would be happening this weekend, he was given a few choices. One of the choices given was that the game store owner had invited him to go to a sort of comic con convention. When I found out, I had called my parents to tell them we could not make it on Sunday. He told me to call them back all because he "heard the disappointment in my father's voice". So I called back, asking if he was positively sure he didn't want to go with him instead, and he said "I am sure!". Next thing I know, the store owners wife keeps calling him and begging for him to go with her husband to the convention. He starts making a few suggestions to the point of wanting to go to the convention and leaving me with my parents during the weekend. I find this to be horrible because I don't want to spend a whole weekend with my family and him just go off to a convention leaving me there. The difference is, I can't get along with my family for that long. They can drive me crazy just after 1 day. 
   I think one of the worst suggestions I have heard from him yet, that made me angrier than a hornet was "Why don't I just leave you at your parents house for the weekend, and I stay home playing video games?" I almost felt like throwing dishes at him by this point because it was a big deal to me. He'd rather stay home in his games than be with me sharing something precious that means everything to me, mostly my culture and my roots. He'd rather spend his thoughts in a video game! That drew my last straw to the point of me saying "Go! Get Out!". Because I didn't want him in my sight after he'd said all this to me. I got to the point where I was basically about to cuss him out and just say F it all... not to the point of ending my marriage, but just calling and  canceling the plans all together. "Why not do that?".. Because, I had also scheduled for that Sunday to sing for my church. That was the main reason for going to Marion to begin with. Not in reasons of "showing off", but to keep my promise to be attentive, and not fall back just because my husband is in gaming mode. It was also an opportunity to spend a whole evening with my husband, friends and family on my birthday, sharing 30 years of life. If that isn't reason enough, then I don't know what is. Finally, he agreed he would go with me, though, it seemed more like an "I'm forcing you to go!" moment to me than a retaliation moment where he realized that it was important to me that he went. I guess by Sunday, I will have my answer. I am just hoping he can see the bigger picture until then.