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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 Weekend

Ok, so I admitt I am not much of a journalist when it comes to keeping up with blog pages, yet, will find myself to write in at any possible moment I can. Last week was a bit hectic with lots of errends to run, and keeping up with scheduled time. The tiredest day I had came on Sunday afternoon. It was Easter holiday, and Drew and I had went to visit my parents and family. All was well, we got up around 8:45am, headed on to McDowell County, and met my parents in the Freewill Baptist Church. The sad news of this was it was one of our pastors last days of preaching. He had resigned 2 weeks earlier for unknown reasons.

   After services were over, we headed to my parents house. I had brought a nice white cake with buttercreame frosting with a flower design. We put it in the refridgerator and headed on out to Kentucky Fried Chicken. My dad had pulled one over on us and bought our whole meal, something for which we are very thankful to him for. After KFC, we went back to their house, and sat and talked awhile. Nothing really too important to decuss, other than the weather and how we were all getting along in our lives. I had also went next door to see my eldest sister Elizabeth and her family, who had company. They had been remodeling their home and one of my little nieces was rearranging her room, so I helped her out. The most tiring part of my visit was sitting in the dinning room, watching my mom go through scrapbook websites. After a while, I couldn't stand anymore, and went outside to go find Drew and my Dad, who were next door on another set of property they own, sitting on his mobile home back porch he had built last summer. After about what seemed 4 hours, Drew and I finally left for home, leaving my parents the cake to take on a picnic they would be attending later on that evening. A very good, yet tiring visit.

   Today, I seem to be even more tired than usual, yet know, I must get some house chores done this week. Drew is at his favorite game store and will be hopefully getting a phone call sometime this week about a job for the county school system. Also, this week, we are looking to go to his father's house in Lenoir for a family reunion. I did not get to attend last year, so this will be a new experience for me going in, considering I haven't met most of his father's side of the family yet.
  I have talked Drew into attending my family reunions come this Fall. He has never been to places like Avery, Mitchell or Yancy Counties. I had grew up in the Western North Carolina Mountains, and my father's and mother's families mostly live up there. It will be a nice treat to be able to wonder through the country side and hills once again as I once ventured as a young girl.