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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has been awhile since I have sat back and typed anything in this blog page, but recently, I have found something to write about. This week, Drew and I are adopting a 6 month old kitten. It is almost close to having our own child, and almost acts like one too at times. Today, I had taken it out to see my parents. To say the least though, it was not a very happy kitty. It couldn't really stay out of its carrier for more than 2 minutes, because it likes getting into things, and the way my parents house is, there's plenty to get into. After about an hour and 1/2 stay, we were ready to head back home, which is over an hours drive. On the way back, Nermal (that's what we've named her, "Nermal "Sweet Pea" Cartee" ) kept on whining, for good reason too, she had made a mess in her carrier. I had to pull the car over half way down the road and let her out of her carrier and let her sit in the back seat of the car. Yes, I did clean her off, but there was still that horrible smell in the car.

When we got back home, I would almost think that Nermal was angry toward me, partially for her not having a litter box with me and making a smelly mess. I cleaned her off and cleaned the carrier out as well, and for about 2 hours, she would not come near me, and went to hide herself in the closet, in a pouty mode, and went to sleep after a little while longer sitting in it ( It is an open doored closet). I finally went to go pick her up, she was trying to claw at me, and was meowing like she was still a little angry toward me. Thank goodness we trimmed her claws to where she couldn't scratch, because she would if she could. It took about 5 to 8 minutes before she'd finally settle down and let me pet her and though, she still had a little angry glare in her eyes. ( Poor kitten). She is finally resting on a blanket next to me on the bed, resting herself after the long day she has had. I am hoping that with some more time, she will grow to like it here and like me and Drew a bit more as well. I have grown too fond and attached to her, and was even sad yesterday when she was gone for a long period of time. My father-in-law had taken her to the vet to get her operation, she came back woozy headed, so that may be a bit of factor in her temperament as well. I will try to post more soon. Later =)