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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is here, let's get busy : )

Hello there! It's been awhile since my last blog post. I have been keeping myself busy. I hope you are doing well and thank you for reading this blog post. If by the end of this story you enjoy this article could you give it a G+ =)it would be much appreciated. I will begin by saying that I have been out of work for about 2 months, so had plenty of time to cooperate after my last in-home care job. I had been working for 6 months in a town almost an hour away from home going to. various people's home helping them with their needs. As a Certified Nursing Assistant you almost always run into a situation where you find yourself caring for terminally ill clients. In more than one occasion you are dealing with mentally ill clients. I have found myself in this situation more than once while working in my last job. I will note, however, that I had seen other nurses deal with a lot worse than I could have ever dealt with in a care facility. Those nurses have to stand on their feet constantly 4+ hours at a time with no break. They also deal with biting, fighting and "rowdy as all get out" ( as we say in the south). Thankfully, I am in a new job that doesn't deal with that much stress. My neighbor had recently needed to have back surgery, and definitely couldn't stay home alone. Usually her daughter would need to stay out of work on occassional days or hire a nurse from a nursing service, but who only had a limit of a 4 hour work schedule, and my neighbor needed someone who could take more time to stick around and work around her daughter's work schedule. This is where I had come in. This worked out well on both sides because I had the time on my hands,I needed a local job, and my neighbor needed someone she knew and could trust to help in any house work or even just to help care for her without being on a time limit. So, here it is, day 2 of my new job and I have kept myself busy, mostly baking and helping prepare a meal for my neighbor and her family. I am just feeling so blessed at the moment to be able to help in anyway I can.