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Thursday, October 31, 2013

November 1st Already!?

Halloween is over and it's already November 1st. Time flies by when you keep a busy schedule and are having a lot of fun. The first half of my Halloween morning consisted of baking Pumpkin Spice Muffins and on into the afternoon making a mixed trio stir fry consisting of chicken, steak and shrimp with a dash of sea salt, basil and margarita mix added for what Emeril would say "BAM!" for to be a delicious, sweet tasting dinner.

As 3pm rolled in, Drew came home from work, we sat at our computers for what seemed less that 15 minutes and decided that we were going to go hang out with our friend Sike for the evening. As we arrived, we couldn't help but notice how packed town was with all the kids trick-or-treating. Sike's road was especially packed. He had to keep the front porch lights off and his doors bolted for fear of kids wanting candy at his house (laughs). We tried to sneak in, but alas, a drove of children came flocking in behind us as we set foot inside his front door, adorned with costumes and yelling "Trick or Treat!". Sike was prepared for this, with a bowl of candy setting out on his kitchen counter and being friendly to the children, commenting them on how awesome and cool their costumes appeared. After the children got their hands full of candy, they left, and with that, Sike bolted the door once more (laughs again).

We found our way into Sike's living room where he was watching an Alfred Hitchcock Marathon. The story lines were very interesting. Sike mentioned that he had seen so many of the episodes, many were depressing to him due to the murders in each story. He also mentioned that many of the scenes used in the stories were from the same house, just redecorated to look like they were different. I will have to watch several episodes to see if that is so, though would guess that the producers would have had to keep on a low budget and mostly wanted to appeal to the viewer with the story line more than the background scenery.
After watching about 3 episodes, Drew and Sike both agreed that it was time to go get something to eat. We decided (now don't laugh) to go to the Waffle House. We didn't go to the one closest to town. We decided to go on down to the next little town over to eat. It was about a 15-20 minute ride from where lived and sometimes the service is a lot friendlier and doesn't feel like a rushed atmosphere. When we arrived, it did seem a little packed, but there was still a booth available, so we went on in and had a seat.

The first 5 minutes of sitting down in a restaurant are critical, because your waiter/waitress will come up to you and introduce their selves and then, usually you give a big introduction back. Drew decided he would take charge of this on this certain occasion...I will warn ahead of time, after this I didn't know whether to laugh or smack him up-side the head." Our waitress greets us. Apparently she had seen Drew and I in the establishment before we were to ever been married. She had a very good memory and said "It's been a long time since I've seen you both here!" She had been gone for 2 years and recently came back to work for Waffle House. Drew and I are like "Yeah!" and "Has it really been that long?" It doesn't even seem like that many years had gone by since last seeing her and it's almost like it only happened a few months ago instead of years. Also, if I hadn't mentioned Drew is wearing his Halloween costume, I am in a black, glittery, long sleeved shirt and pants and Sike is having to wear a sling around his arm due to the fact that he had injured hisself at work and had to have surgery about a month or so back for a rotator cuff. Drew replied to the waitress "Yeah, I am suppose to be a Starfleet officer, My wife here is a witch and Sike is the old crippled man"...If I wasn't going to smack him I am pretty sure the waitress was wanting to (laughs).
The waitress took our orders down and Sike, Drew and I had fun just talking and watching all the kids coming in with their costumes on. At Waffle House, kids who come in with Halloween Costumes on get a free waffle. That's why it was mostly packed the whole evening. After our dinner was over, we headed back to our house to watch a semi-Doctor Who Marathon. We started at Season 3 episode 11 "Blink". One of my favorite episodes of all time. and we ended up at Season 3 episode 13. We will be furthering our adventures the next time Sike comes over to hang out. (smiles). All in all, I had the best Halloween this year.